Prep (3-11)

Prep (3-11)

We believe that happy children flourish at school. We therefore prioritise every child’s wellbeing and sense of belonging to our community for every step of their education here at Yarm Prep School.

Our School Values provide the framework for every child to lead a positive and fulfilling school life whilst nurturing the skills, attitudes and characteristics that will help them thrive in school and beyond. Whether they’re in Nursery, Pre-Prep, or Preparatory, pupils are taught to be ambitious and seize opportunities whilst not being afraid of getting things wrong. They also learn how to be resourceful through collaboration and are encouraged to be relentlessly curious.

We empower every child to take on responsibilities and become tolerant, respectful individuals. Above all, they develop a real sense of compassion for their peers and the world around them.

“Children are enthusiastic about the opportunities provided, reflected in the faces of both pupils and staff. Being bored just isn’t on the radar here. A school that shows learning can be fun as well – fast paced with plenty of activity underpinned with reflection and resourcefulness. These are happy, bright, confident children with lots of opportunities for responsibilities and welcome them with genuine enthusiasm and pride.” –

Take a closer look at life at Yarm Prep School as we ready pupils for Senior School and beyond…

Let the adventure begin at Prep School

There is an abundance of opportunity at Yarm Preparatory School that helps every child develop confidence and enjoy much success. Our curriculum is wonderfully broad, dynamic and responsive to the needs of our pupils. Specialist teachers and superb facilities enhance this further.

Furthermore, our diet of extra-curricular opportunities is unrivalled. Whether on the sports field, stage, or in the activities and clubs programme, our range of activities help to foster a wide variety of life skills and interests in every pupil.

Life here is a real adventure and one that we share with every family through the close partnership we build. If you’d like to feel the warmth of our community and experience the hum of purposeful learning that resonates throughout the School, arrange your visit today.

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Open Morning: Nursery, Prep, Senior School and Sixth Form  For families with children aged 3-18 years. Join us 9am - 12noon on Saturday 28th September to explore the fantastic opportunities at Yarm!

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